What’s on: High Kicks and Hard Shoes exhibition

By Alex Gretgrix

THE Foundry Arts Space is bubbling over with a calendar packed full of exciting exhibitions and events for autumn 2020.

It all starts with a dance theme with its High Kicks and Hard Shoes exhibition from March 16-22.

It brings the rousing and captivating dance moves of Irish dancers trained by the legendary Geraldine Ryan.

For 37 years, Geraldine has been travelling throughout regional Victoria on public transport to teach young and old the art of Irish dancing and The Foundry is thrilled to present this commemorative exhibition in Geraldine’s 90th year.

Photographer Kylie Haley, who has been in and around the Irish dance scene for a number of years, has been the brainpower behind the exhibition.

“My husband is Irish and when we had our two girls, we both decided it was important for them to learn and know their father's heritage,” Kylie said.

“I enrolled the girls in the O’Shea-Ryan Academy of Irish Dance here in Echuca and they've had the best time.”

As the girls excelled in dance and travelled the state, country and even the world, Kylie saw many opportunities to capture moment.

“As a mum you want to take photos and document the great things your children are doing, but as a photographer I saw all the beautiful costumes and even just having them dance on stages everywhere were great photo opportunities,” she said.

And among all the glitter and loud shoes, Geraldine is one of the main attractions of the exhibition.

“She travels 3000km each week to seven different locations and the fact she still love it and keeps going at 90, she's just a trooper,” Kylie said.

On display will be a range of photographs, cyanotypes, costumes and their designs all for everyone to see.

The exhibition will run until Sunday, March 22 at the Foundry Art Space.