Kyabram barber raises $540 for Fauna Park, Paint the Tank Foundation

By James Arbuthnott

YOU don’t have to hold a blade to someone’s throat to get them in the community spirit in Kyabram – it’s a given.

Allan St barber Terry Scott knows this as he sometimes didn’t even have to get his razor and clippers out during the Ky Bush Market to raise money for local charities.

Mr Scott raised $540 for the Kyabram Fauna Park and Paint the Tank Foundation after announcing all proceeds from haircuts would go to fundraisers.

“Some of people that came in didn’t even get a haircut, they just came in to make a donation because they had read about what I was doing in the paper,” Mr Scott said.

And the good news is he plans to donate equal parts to each cause by choosing to not split any ends or go against the grain - he'll be trimming the funds directly down the middle.

The Ky Project Committee has been working towards a Ky water tank mural for two years now with hopes of increasing tourism to the area, and its goal of $80,000 is nearing closer each week to get the project off the ground.

And the fauna park's continual growth - including its recent adorable dingo puppy duo - is always welcomed by the community.