Sheridan Aged Care residents offered support from Ky’s kids

By Jared Prestwidge

KYABRAM District Health Service has put out the call to our local kids in an effort to help make Sheridan Aged Care’s residents’ time in self-isolation just that little bit easier.

In compliance with government restrictions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, residents of Sheridan Aged Care have been kept in isolation to prevent the spread of the virus.

And with those restrictions comes a lack of vital social interaction, which was normally provided during various activities and gatherings through the day.

KDHS perioperative unit manager Kirsten Pollock saw the potential risks the restrictions could pose and took to the most unlikely of places for help — a Facebook page advertising second-hand uniforms for her children’s school.

But it proved most effective, with a number of kids sending over positive handwritten letters, photos and videos.

Kirsten said it was amazing to see so many young members of the community come together for such a good cause.

“I was overwhelmed with the positive responses and beautiful letters, videos and pictures that have been photographed and sent to me to assist in reducing infection transmission,” she said.

“Restriction of visits to aged care have been implemented in response to state and Commonwealth requirements to assist with keeping the residents in Sheridan safe. The residents have been recommended to stay in the home to reduce the risk of transmission if the coronavirus comes into our community.

“The staff are working tirelessly to meet all the residents’ needs but without social interaction life can be a little dull; this social interaction was normally provided during social gatherings, activities and mealtimes.”

To ensure the residents’ safety, everything is submitted digitally and then read to them by Sheridan’s lifestyle staff.

Sheridan Aged Care nurse unit manager Harman Dhanesar said the messages had made a positive impact.

“Everyone is very anxious, and they are missing their families … on top of that we have Skype and FaceTime and they are showing their families the letters they were sent,” she said.

“It was very emotional because they miss their own grandchildren, but they were really glad that kids outside actually wrote to them and saw that they need support in this time.”