The freakish hailstorms of April 27, 1992 | Looking Back

By Kyabram Free Press

THE headline in the Free Press on May 1, 1992 was “The Day Kyabram Turned White".

Kyabram was rocked by two freak hail storms on April 27, 1992, devastating businesses, homes and cars throughout the town and causing more than an estimated $75 000 worth of damage.

The first hail storm came through about 1.30 pm.

The clean-up was still in progress when the second storm hit about 5 pm.

This was much bigger than the earlier storm, with hailstones up to 3.5 cm.

Some of the ice was still around 24 hours later.

Up to 10 cm of hail fell in the worst hit areas, which included the centre of Kyabram and its southern boundary.

Many areas were white with a thick covering of hail on the ground, rooftops and roads — a little like a scene from the snowfields.

Shopkeepers found water was seeping into valuable stock lines, cash registers, light fittings and carpets.

Driving conditions were hazardous, as cars slid on the ice.

Buckets and mops were extracted for the clean-up and people pitched in to help those worse off than themselves, typifying the community spirit of the town.

Kyabram suffered another big hail storm in November, 1993.

● Compiled by Eileen Sullivan, Kyabram Historical Society voluntary librarian, from the files of the Free Press.