Open your eyes to see this exhibition

By Kimberley Price

ECHUCA-MOAMA Artists will open an exhibition this weekend inspired by the fact art is all around us — we just need to open our eyes to see it.

The Eyes Wide Open exhibition will feature 10 artists from Deniliquin’s newest art group ArtLife.

They will exhibit about 60 pieces, ranging from photography, traditional landscapes, flora and fauna studies, and still life, to modern ‘‘explosions of colour’’ with experimental materials and techniques using rubbing alcohol and yupo paper.

ArtLife has certainly perfected the traditional definitions of art while also pushing the boundaries and exploring a whole new way to express themselves.

Echuca-Moama Artists’ Barbara Pavone encouraged locals and visitors to support the arts.

‘‘Art reflects the values of a community,’’ she said.

‘‘It can communicate social, philosophical, political and spiritual ideas. It allows individuals and groups to express what they feel about many aspects of life.

‘‘It can express beauty, happiness, sadness, ugliness, anger, fear, discontent, hope, be amusing and thought provoking.

‘‘It can be an escape from reality, or therapeutic. It can be a recording of history, such as the silo paintings in small Victorian towns, or it can be just the sheer joy of working with the materials.’’

She said it was important the creative processes of the arts be allowed to flourish in an environment free from restraint and ridicule.

‘‘When people value and support the arts, it is an indication of the health of the collective psyche of their community.’’

Eyes Wide Open is a spectacular exhibition which will make you open your own eyes and see the amazing world around you.

The free exhibition opens in the Alton Gallery on Saturday, June 1 until July 27.

Gallery hours are Fridays from 10am to 2.30pm, Saturdays from 10am to 1pm, or by appointment.

Phone 0439460690.