Next one has been booked

By Kimberley Price

A CHANGE in career is usually expected at some point when a person is just at the start of their work life.

But for Annie Seaton, her true passion in work — and life — came at the tender age of 55.

Now an accomplished author, with more than 40 books to her name, Annie travels the country in search of her new book location.

She recently spoke to a group of avid readers at the Echuca library.

‘‘We travel once a year to research the location of my next piece,’’ she said.

‘‘We’ve just been to Alice Springs as my next book is going to be called East of Alice Springs and it will be a more historical book.

‘‘I’m able to write about a place once I’ve experienced it and learnt all about it.’’

Annie’s books come under the romance genre and always follow characters in different settings around Australia.

Her love for our landscape is one she finds resonates with her readers and is one she hopes to share with people around the world.

‘‘My readers love the Australian setting,’’ she said.

‘‘I think there’s definitely a move towards appreciating what’s home grown.’’

Even though Annie found her love for storytelling later in life, well after her English history degree was completed and her career in schools as a teacher, principal and librarian was well established, she insisted her career change was the best move she’d ever made.

‘‘I have the best job in the world,’’ Annie said.

‘‘I get to write stories and I’m so lucky people love them.’’

Annie has just signed a deal with UK company Oliver Croft to have her books produced as audiobooks.

And while her hectic schedule certainly keeps her busy, she’s hoping to return to Echuca soon.

‘‘I love Echuca — there are so many friendly people here and it’s just beautiful,’’ she said.

‘‘We’ll be coming back soon for a couple of weeks.’’

Annie Seaton recently spoke at the library as part of its visiting author conversations. The next guest speaker will be Kate Forsyth on August 12.

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