Trees for a better tomorrow

By Alex Gretgrix

STUDENTS from Echuca Primary School enthusiastically took saving the environment into their own hands recently when they staged their own tree planting day.

With the help of representatives from supporters Echuca Toyota, Rich River Golf Club and Kennaugh’s Garden Centre, the student action team and their Prep buddies planted 50 trees alongside their school’s oval.

"As part of National Tree Planting Day, the students are out putting in the trees to make sure it’s ready for our community," Echuca Primary School community engagement and wellbeing officer Scott Trewhella said.

"It’s a great message about the environment and it’s their world they’re growing into so we think it is really important to make sure they can see gardening, trees and getting dirt on their hands is a really crucial and fun thing to do."

The students, with the assistance of teachers and the representatives, learnt the best way to plant a tree in order for it to grow, where to plant them and how to stake and protect them with plastic sleeves.

"I’ve been digging holes with the post hole digger I brought and thankfully we’ve had a bit of rain so it’s not too bad," Rich River Golf Club marketing and sales manager Paul Lavars said.

"It’s great to support the community, but also National Tree Day. There’s nothing better than adding to and teaching the kids about the environment."

The day was also a nice way to bring people together in the community.

"We’ve been involved for five years and it’s just nice to team up with the school and other community organisations and get on board," Echuca Toyota’s Emma Merritt said.