Give a dog a home: Esmeralda

By Alex Gretgrix

IF YOU'RE looking for mystery and maybe even a bit of magic in your life, Esmeralda could be the pup for you.

This two-year-old, Bull Arab mix is enthusiastic and is sure to have you in a trance.

She has a very fun-loving personality and is excited to meet anyone she is introduced to.

It would be beneficial to her to attend obedience classes to remind her of her doggie manners.

She has also recently had to have part of her tail operated on, so keeping an eye on this and seeking vet attention if needed is recommended.

Due to Esmeralda's energetic and active nature, she will need to live in a backyard with 6ft high, secure fences.

This will ensure she stays safe and sound in her new home. As she is so keen to exercise, she would also benefit from walks and runs, also a great way for her to bond with her new owner or family as a whole.

She will be sure to make a loyal and loving member to any family of any size. If you would like to meet Esmeralda or any of the other dogs available, head to or call 5480 3005.

PER source number: BR101840.