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Office to cab software

By Dairy News

Farmers Edge has released an app-based in-field intelligence tool that provides a seamless digital experience from the office to the cab.

Digitally linking growers, dealers, retailers, trusted advisers and other key stakeholders, the In-Cab Tool provides visibility of every field activity while simplifying record-keeping, improving workflow, and reducing the risk of critical data losses.

Integrated with existing exclusive features of the FarmCommand platform, including on-farm weather conditions and forecasts, daily satellite imagery, predictive modelling, and automated crop health change detection, the In-Cab Tool provides an additional layer of fundamental decision support enabling new levels of efficiency and profitability on the farm.

The tool features wireless mixed-fleet connectivity with any modern machine and can be used to plan jobs, view live data streaming and mapping, adjust field operations, manage maintenance schedules, track supplies, and share information. Powered by the company’s telematics device, all data is collected, transferred, and processed automatically.