By Ivy Jensen

Welcome to Arty-facts. A Foundry Art Space initiative to promote the arts to the community for engagement, enjoyment and inspiration to start your own creative journey.

Behind the Scene: A view into what inspired the 30 artists' interpretations in the 2019 members exhibition entitled Murray River Evocations.

Introducing artist Lisa Wilkinson:

"The inspiration for my canvas 'Winter Dawn' is the early morning winter sun, with the mist lying low on the river and an early morning walk when it is most peaceful and calming.

"Some people have said they see it as the moon, but I am happy for however people see my artwork, as long as they enjoy it, I know I’m doing something right.

My acrylic paintings usually come from my memory and imagination. I have a picture in my mind of how I want it to look and just let it evolve from there, and I love a dramatic sky."

What’s happening at the Foundry Art Space this week:

We welcome September's special exhibition with the accomplished expressionist artistRimona Kedem, with 17 artworks on display, and following in her mother’s footsteps,daughter Yasmini.

We also have 22 unique lost wax bronze sculptures by Zoe Snyder to complete a trio that we look forward to sharing with the community.

The opportunity to experience such an outstanding gathering of creative minds, the exhibition will be on display from September 6 to October 16 from 10am to 4pm six days a week (closed Tuesdays) and seven days a week during school holidays.

Coming up on September 28-29 is the opportunity to create your own inkmasterpiece, in a a two-day workshop with French-born artist Sofie Dieu.

Catering for beginners and intermediate, it’s a great time to get started and have fun engaging in a new medium.

For information, view our instagram, echuca_moama_arts_initiative website, TheFoundry Art Space, or Facebook page.

Arty-Fact: The beneficial effect art can have on your health and wellbeing. Neurobiologist Semir Zeki conducted a recent study and after taking numerous cat scans of the brain while viewing art, it was discovered people experienced joy akin to the sensation of falling in love.

It was noted while looking at art, it caused an immediate release of dopamine into the brain, the chemical which is associated with love.

Another study by Jan Packer found a walk around a gallery lowered the stress chemical cortisol in the body and relieves mental exhaustion.

It is little wonder why we are all such a happy bunch at The Foundry Art Space.

New members and volunteers always welcome. Go creatively

Dee Makeham