Pixie’s red hot on global warming

By Alex Gretgrix

TO SOME, the idea of climate change and its consequences is as real as Fairyland.

The notion the world is moving towards a state of peril is nothing more than a load of pixie dust.

But for 11-year-old Pixie Bray, the threat of global warming is very real and very urgent.

So much so, she is on her way to organising a climate change strike here in Echuca on September 20.

"I was in Grade 3 when I started thinking about climate change," Pixie said.

"But it wasn't until my teacher spoke to me about it two years ago I wanted to start doing something about it."

The emotions that came with the topic have been a driving force behind her growing campaign.

"I just felt scared," she said.

"Scared of what would happen if we didn't do something to help the Earth."

Pixie began turning up at climate change rallies in Bendigo earlier this year and that's where she got the idea of bringing her own to her hometown.

"I saw a lot of amazing speakers at the strike and it inspired me," she said.

"It really made me want to be the one standing up in front of everyone, speaking and leading the strike."

And for mum Anna, Pixie speaking out about this issue couldn't make her any happier.

"I'm so proud of her," she said.

"She's standing up for, and working towards, eliminating this issue in which she believes and it's just amazing."

The march will run in conjunction with the day of Global #ClimateStrike, where people all over the country and the world will protest.

These events, which will happen three days before the UN Emergency Climate Summit, are a way of encouraging school students and the community to take a stand.

"Climate change affects the future for everyone," Pixie said.

"For children, their families, pets, everything will be affected if we don't do something to stop it."

Pixie's climate strike next week is looking for anyone interested to meet at Alton Reserve from 11am. For more information, visit