Kids clean up for bushfire appeal

By Brayden May

EVERYONE in the twin towns is doing their part to help those devastated by bushfires – even the youngest generation.

On Wednesday, the Boyd family home on Bottlebrush Drive in Moama became the go to car wash in town – raising over a staggering $900.

Inspired by the devastation they had seen on TV, Macey and Sophie Boyd thought it was time to help those in need.

A $10 donation was all it took to have your car looking like it had just left the showroom floor.

“Lots of people are losing everything and we’re just grateful to have so much,” Sophie said.

“It would be so sad if I lost everything I loved. Mum sent lots of text messages out and everyone just wanted to help.

“But at the same time, it was great we were able to do it with our friends because it was a lot of fun.”

Abbey Stobaus, a close friend of the Boyd family, said she thought their car washing skills were up there with the professionals.
“I thought we did a really good job,” Abbey said.

“Everyone pitched in to help get all the cars washed. We got a lot more than we thought we would.”

Emma Boyd, who acted as chief supervisor throughout the day’s event, said she couldn’t have been prouder of the dedication all the kids showed.

“It’s super important that our kids understand what is going on around the country because you just never know when you might need the support of others,” she said.

“When we put the event on Facebook, we never expected it to blow up like it did but it just shows how strongly our community feels about the bushfire crisis.

“We couldn’t be more thankful for the generosity people showed, it was more than we could have asked.”