Big Bash in Tonny Town

By Andrew Johnston

NOTHING brings the community of Tongala together quite like sport.

On January 24, Tongala's cricket, football and netball, tennis and swimming clubs will all gather for an event to do their part in raising funds for bushfire relief.

The clubs have invited the wider community to Tongala Recreation Reserve to watch the Big Bash game between Hobart Hurricanes and Sydney Thunder.

The evening will also include a barbecue, with the bar open as well, and every cent raised will go to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

Daniel Cox said it was an easy decision for all the clubs to get together.

“We're obviously a very close-knit community in our town,” he said.

“During winter almost everyone is involved with the football and netball club in some way, and we expand out into other groups during summer, but we are all very close as a result.

“Sport has this incredible way of bringing communities together, especially in small towns. So we, as a group of clubs, wanted to use that power to do something big.”

It's one of many fundraisers throughout the town, which Mr Cox attributes to the spirit of the Tongala community.

“You hate to see people suffering,” he said.

“No matter what the issue is, but especially droughts and fires, people always want to help each other out. They're more than happy to put their hands into their pockets and give what they can, because that's the kind of people they are.

“We want to help one another, we find ways that we can, and this is an opportunity to do so.”

Mr Cox is unsure how many people will make their way out to the ground — although he expects good numbers — but said the exact numbers were not important.

“If 10 people showed up to the night, that's fantastic — it's money to donate we didn't already have. Hopefully a lot of people make their way to Rec Reserve and give what they can.”