Accused bailed to rehab centre

By Ivy Jensen

AN ECHUCA man who has been in custody for more than a month charged with multiple violence, arson, theft and bail offences has been bailed.

Jaryd Russell Day, 28, appeared in Echuca Magistrates Court on Tuesday, January 21, for a bail application.

He was bailed to residential rehabilitation in Melbourne for three months.

Day was arrested during a search warrant in Boothman St on December 18 after allegedly breaching bail by committing further offences.

They included two counts of theft of a vehicle (one stolen outside Dan Murphy's), criminal damage by fire (relating to a car being torched at Stuart's Bridge), theft, trespass and tampering with a vehicle at a Fairy Dell property, breaching bail and committing indictable offences while on bail.

He is also facing charges of multiple family violence offences, as well as theft, handling stolen goods and unlicensed driving, relating to incidents in Echuca between August and November last year.

Day will next appear in Echuca Magistrates Court on May 5.