Crash closes Hare St one way

By Riverine Herald

UPDATE 11:03am

ONE woman is in hospital and at least four parked cars have been damaged after an incident on Hare St this morning.

According to multiple eye-witnesses the multi-vehicle crash occurred when the driver of a car parked in front of the Commonwealth Bank attempted to reverse out.

While reversing the senior woman driving the car hit a wooden barrier pole at the corner of the parking space.

Stopping, the driver tried to turn back into her original parking space but while doing so another vehicle turned into the vacant park to her right, the two then collided.

After the two collisions in rapid succession the woman reversed at high speed in a large circle, crossing the road and colliding with two parked cars and then another car on the side of the road she was originally reversing out of.

Witness Joan Truman owns one of the damaged cars and said the large circle the driver performed looked like she'd pulled the steering wheel down in shock.

"With the speed she was going I started thinking of what happened in Bourke Street," Mrs Truman said.

Linda Dwyer, who manages Sutton's Bakery directly across the road from the incident, said she witnessed the event and assisted the shaken driver before paramedics arrived.

"She'd hit the pole pretty hard, then she went to go forward and hit a white Pajero because he was turning in," Ms Dwyer said.

"She'd have to have had her foot stuck on the accelerator because then she did a great 360 in reverse before she finally came to a stop in the middle of the road.

"She was stable but very shaken, she said she's a diabetic but she's had all her medication today so I'm not sure, it's just one of those things where she's panicked when she hit something and she's thought she was on the brake when she's not."

Police on the scene said they were still investigating the incident.


ONE lane of Hare street is currently closed to traffic after a collision earlier this morning.

The northbound lane of Hare St is open to traffic and vehicles are moving slowly.

It is believed no one suffered serious injuries in the collision.

Police and paramedics are on the scene.