Regular Echuca DJ moving away to follow his dreams

By Alex Gretgrix

DENILIQUIN'S Jack Fisicaro is making his mark in the music world, recently securing A DJ spot at one of Melbourne's most recognised nightclubs.

While it means the Echuca regular will have to leave his home town, Mr Fisicaro said he had to leave to follow his passion.

It also means he will be following in the footsteps of his idol, fellow DJ Will Sparks.

“I've always loved music, from eight years-old I was always listening to music, even when I was asleep,” Mr Fisicaro explained.

“I never pursued music while I was in High School though, it wasn't until I was 17 years old that I look a big interest in DJ work.

“I was scrolling through YouTube one day when I came across a video of Will Sparks on the tables, and thought ‘I want to do that'. Since then It has been my passion.

“Will Sparks is the artist I look up to and aspire to reach his succession one day; he's the reason I'm doing it.”

“I've been working with Cloud 9, the biggest club in Melbourne and where Will Sparks used to perform. They have me permanently booked in.”

Mr Fisicaro said he initially learnt to DJ just to explore his passion, with the opportunity to perform coming by chance.

“One night my friends and I were at the American (Hotel in Echuca) and they didn't have a DJ, so my friends told them I was a DJ and next minute I was up on stage,” Mr Fisicaro said.

“I've played somewhere every weekend since then.

“At first I kept it to myself, but I realised I might be good at it when my first ever mix tape got 50,000 plays on Soundcloud.”

Now that he has cemented himself as a regular act in Melbourne, Mr Fisicaro is looking to add to his knowledge and pursue other paths in the music industry.

“I also want to spend a bit of time learning more about producing,” he said.

“I know a little bit at the moment, but there's a lot more to learn.

“I don't particularly want to live in Melbourne, but I have to take this next step in my career.”