What’s On: Cohuna Bridge to Bridge

By Alex Gretgrix

THE COHUNA Bridge to Bridge is back for another year.

This year's event, set to be held on March 1, will offer seven different race types to help keep the entire family happy.

The available events include a half-marathon through Gunbower Forest, while the 12.5 km run will also take place through the same location. There will also be a 6.5 km fun run/walk, a mini miler for the juniors, 6.5 km junior cycle, 25 km cycle and 50 km cycle.

All money raised from the event will be donated to Cohuna District Hospital, so that an endoscopy camera can be purchased.

Last year's funding saw two specialised chairs for patients in the dialysis and infusion day-clinic purchased.

To register head to

Race day schedule:

6 am Bib collection opens.
7.15 am Shuttle bus service begins.
7.45 am Race briefing for half-marathon.
8 am Start of half-marathon.
8.05 am Race briefing for 12.5 km run.
8.15 am Start of 12.5 km run.
8.20 am Race briefing for 6.5 km junior
8.30 am Start of 6.5 km junior cycle.
8.35 am Race briefing for 6.5 km run/walk.
8.45 am Start of 6.5 km run/walk.
9.15 am Race briefing for 25 km and 50 km cycle.
9.30 am Start of 25 km and 50 km cycle.
9.45 am Presentations for 6.5 km junior cycle and run/walk.
10 am Race briefing for mini miler.
10.10 am Start of mini miler.
10.30 am Presentations for mini miler.
11 am Presentations for 12.5 km, half-marathon runs and 25 km and 50 km cycle.