Remote learning is no different for the Ujimoto family

By Brayden May

THE idea of remote learning hasn't meant big changes in the daily lives of the Ujimoto family.

After all, the two children - Abigail and Jackson - have become accustomed to going to work with mum Jodi at Zetor Direct in Echuca.

“We’re lucky that our kids have come to work with me since they were very young,” Jodi said.

“I've found that teaching your own children is definitely more challenging than teaching someone else’s.

“Although it's good the kids understand what they have to do most of the time.

“They've been saying it is a very normal thing for them to do.”

Exercise is also a big part of the Ujimoto family's routine and they've been getting out in the fresh air as often as possible.

“We’ve still been able to ride our bikes, which is something we love to do,” Jodi said.

“But the kids are also doing a range of other activities such as doing jigsaws and playing games.

“Having variety has certainly been a positive for our family.”

While the kids may be used to going to work with their mum, it still comes with its challenges.

“One of the best things about being away from school is that I can read more books and play more games,” Jackson said.

“I am missing playing with my friends, but we do spend time on FaceTime together where we play games.”

Abigail added: “I’m happy that I can still learn. But it’s not good that I’m not always able to see my friends and not do anything together. But we try to have some fun online.”