Sally Knight rushes into Johnno’s Run

By Brayden May

SIX months ago; if you told Echuca’s Sally Knight she would be running every day; she might have just called you crazy.

But now it would take your best efforts to stop her from hitting the pavement.

That’s because she is now part of the Johnno’s Run team.

And she is loving every minute of the opportunity.

“I hadn’t run since school, but my good friends Claire Goodman and Suzanna Barry encouraged me to get involved,” Sally said.

“I’m really enjoying it and being able to raise money for a good cause is a bonus.

“It’s given me time to do something for me and it allows me to clear my head when things might be a bit stressful.”

Sally has been pushed to run even further by what she described as a “friendly competition”, with runners posting their weekly distance on a Facebook page.

“Having competition certainly pushes you to run further,” she said.

“The other week when I missed out on second place by only 100m I was determined to do better that week.

“Because I’ve been running every day, I’m finding that I’m starting to get further than I would have expected.”

The Knight family welcomed a new addition to their family recently, when Raffy the German Shepherd arrived.

And he has been key to getting Sally, her husband Andrew and their twins outside.

“Ayla and Ted adore him,” she said.

“It’s been good because we’ve been walking Raffy every day and it’s something we enjoy.

“Keeping the family active has been important especially when we were in the lockdown period.”

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