New mural brightens Echuca’s industrial estate

By Anna McGuinness

A NEW mural capturing the quintessential essence of Echuca has been completed this week.

The once dull west-facing wall of Welch Quality Buildings is now brightly filled with old-time houseboats, a Murray cod and even a small nod to the Southern 80 with the Mistress racing boat.

Business owner Leo Welch wanted to jazz up his storefront just off McKenzie Rd and give the town a lift.

“We wanted to promote the entrance and exit to the town - it looks pretty drab,” he said.

“It’d be good if other businesses come on board too.”

Picking a local theme for the artwork was important to Mr Welch.

“There’s nothing more iconic to Echuca than the Port,” he said.

To realise his dream, Mr Welch found Scottish artist Shaun Devenney on Facebook, who had been staying with friends in Torrumbarry.

The artwork took less than two weeks with Mr Devenney using spray paint and moving around on a scissor-lift to access high points.

The recent winter weather wasn’t an issue for Mr Devenney who's been ‘rocking it’ shorts and a t-shirt.

“I’m from Scotland, this is like our summer,” he said.

“It’s one of the bigger murals I’ve done recently.”

Mr Welch said there had already been interest with one to two cars stopping within an hour to take photos.

The next step would be extending the artwork around the corner in keeping with a local theme.