Walsh calls for exemptions for Northern Victorians as border closes

By Riverine Herald

WITH Victoria now cut off from the rest of Australia, Member for Murray Plains Peter Walsh said the government must immediately introduce an exemption for all of northern Victoria.

“If (Premier Dan) Andrews does not act immediately to put northern Victorian and Murray River towns on a par with NSW restrictions he will personally be responsible for every business that closes, every job that is lost and every family’s life that is ruined,” he said.

“Clearly, on the national stage, he is no longer the player he thought he was; the pathetic mess he has created in Melbourne has proved the last straw as his fellow premiers – and Canberra – have taken everything out of his control, leaving our top dog as yesterday’s man.

“And Dictator Dan has just about run out of people to blame. His list to date includes families, young people and hotel quarantine, but the numbers keep rising.”

Mr Walsh said locals are all hanging out waiting for details about permits so they can go into Moama.

“The downfall of Dictator Dan was recorded by Melbourne media today and it is only going to get worse – especially if we now have a ticking timebomb in our midst as towns such as Echuca-Moama have been flooded with holidaymakers and others escaping Melbourne,” he added.

“And if we get an outbreak here, the Victorian Government will have completed bringing the state down with it.”

The Victorian Government was contacted for comment.