Sea of purple for epilepsy at Lockington Consolidated School

By Riverine Herald

STAFF and students at Lockington Consolidated School were seeing purple as they dressed up to raise awareness for a good cause recently.

After the students formed a Student Voice Team, which organises special activities/days and raises awareness of matters that are important to them, they began to think of ways they could do just that around the school.

Taking part in Purple Day was one event the students wanted to participate in as a way of raising awareness of epilepsy.

Lockington Consolidated School principal James Hodgens said starting the conversation about conditions such as epilepsy was important for the school.

“If we build awareness of the different conditions and challenges many students face, then we also build empathy and understanding,” he said.

Purple Day was founded in 2008 and is generally held in March each year.

The event is an effort to get people talking about the disorder and inform those with seizures they are not alone.

Staff and students were invited to wear casual clothes and include a ‘touch of purple’ in their outfits on the day.

Due to the remote learning the day had to be postponed, but was eventually held on the last day of Term 2.

Students also enjoyed a special lunch from the canteen which included purple jelly.