Go ‘round the twist with Bronson

By Alex Gretgrix

HAVE you ever, ever felt like this?

Like it's time to fill a new dog-shaped hole in your life?

Bronson, the one-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix, could put you back together and make the rain go away, all at the same time.

This bouncy boy is a friendly and outgoing young lad who requires plenty of exercise and attention.

If you don't want your plants and couch to be torn to bits out of boredom, then exercise would be a good idea.

He would thrive in a secure environment where daily walks and more walks are on the cards as well as a roomy yard with six-foot fences to keep him safe and sound.

Like most Staffy bull terriers, Bronson would love the companionship of a family who would include him in their daily activities.

And if there were an endless supply of tennis balls and tug-of-war, it would be an added bonus.

He is being treated for an ear infection and will require a little extra care when he is first adopted.

He may require further veterinary treatment should the condition re-occur.

To meet Bronson, visit or phone 5480 3005.

You will need to contact the shelter and make an appointment before visiting.

PER source number: BR101840.

Microchip number: 991003000137922.

Her adoption fee is $103.