Campaspe Shire rate notices are coming

By Riverine Herald

RATE notices are on their way to more than 20,000 property owners in Campaspe Shire.

Campaspe Shire Council corporate general manager Fleur Cousins said rates make up 47 per cent of the overall council revenue, assisting in delivering more than 100 services to the community.

The notice sets out the due dates for payments by instalments; which are September 30, November 30, February 28 and May 31; and also the date for paying in full, February 15, 2021.

There are several ways to pay your rates, including direct debit, BPAY, in person at a council or Australia Post customer service centre, or by credit card.

In order of money spent, the top five services council provides are:

● Road services, accounting for 40.65 per cent of the total budget. This includes the replacement, upgrade and maintenance of roads, bridges, footpaths and drains.

● Organisational support (human resources, financial services, IT, councillors and governance), at 13.28 per cent.

● Parks and gardens including maintenance, at 9.42 per cent.

● Recreation and aquatic facilities, at 9.32 per cent.

● Asset management and engineering services, at 7.34 per cent

Rates are calculated based on a property’s value along with its rating category. For example, a residential property valued at $350,000 would pay $1479.83 in rates (based on the general land rating category of 0.0042281 cents/$CIV) plus the $200 municipal charge, which is applied to all rateable properties to recover part of council’s administrative costs.

Ratepayers who have elected to pay by direct debit on an ongoing basis do not need to do anything. The direct debit authorisation will continue.

“Many property owners have opted to receive this year’s notice via email,” Ms Cousins said.

“Whether for speed of delivery, convenience, or a more environmentally friendly option, receiving your notice as an email is a great option.

“Instructions are included on the rate notice outlining how future notices can be received by email.”

All transfer station vouchers will still be mailed via post regardless of how the rate notices are received.

“Any ratepayer facing genuine financial hardship in paying their rates is urged to contact council as soon as possible to discuss individual circumstances,” Ms Cousins said.

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