Friendship at forefront at Echuca Primary School

By Alex Gretgrix

As thousands of people across the world recognised International Friendship Day on Thursday, we asked four Echuca youngsters about what their friends meant to them.

“THEY always make me smile when I'm sad — I especially like it when they pull funny faces and make me laugh.”

It's as simple as that for Echuca Primary School (208) prep student Eden Fayle.

Eden was one of many youngsters — and adults — who took time to reflect on the importance of her friends, including prep students Raven Burke and Amy Kelly. Raven and Amy say it's about feeling involved.

“I love that my friends like the same things as me and play unicorns and princesses with me at recess and lunch,” Amy said.

“They never make me feel left out, they definitely make me happy when I'm at school.”

But as prep student Oscar McIntosh knows, friendship doesn't always have to be inside the classroom.

“I wish I could go to school with all my friends, but we still get to play together after and that's just as good,” he said.