Face masks now recommended in NSW

By Brayden May

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has recommended residents wear masks in certain circumstances.

At Sunday's daily briefing, Ms Berejiklian said officials suggested residents wear face coverings when social distancing can not be guaranteed (for example when people are doing their grocery shopping), while attending a place of worship and if they are living in an area where there is high community transmission.

While it has also be suggested those working in customer faces roles including hospitality or retail cover their faces.

"Make sure that you are well-equipped, well aware, well-informed to deal with the situation that is arising," she said.

 "Please note the health advice is evolving."

The NSW Premier said those in the coronavirus age risk group or with underlying illnesses or health conditions should consider wearing masks at all times. 

Ms Berejiklian added that businesses could go beyond the recommendations the state government had put in place.

"I think it is up to private businesses to determine what they feel is safe for their staff and patrons," she said.

 "I completely respect and support businesses who are taking any further action that is above the health advice.

 "My job as Premier is that I convey to the community in the strongest possible terms the best advice that Dr Kerry Chant and her team of experts give to me.

 "But if any business wants to go over and above that advice, that is a matter for them.

 "I would especially like businesses to consider the situation if they happen to have older clientele or older people who are their patrons. 

 "I would expect that some businesses would go beyond the health advice, if they felt they had a particular vulnerable cohort among their customer or client base. But it is completely up to them."