Billabong Ranch celebrates their four legged friends

By Brayden May

IT’S just not the people of Echuca-Moama who are having to celebrate their birthdays a little differently in 2020.

Spare a thought for the horses at Billabong Ranch, who celebrated their birthday on August 1 — the day on which all horses in the Southern Hemisphere are deemed to turn a year older each year.

The horses on site — about 100 of them — would usually be involved in a two-day navigation ride to mark the occasion.

But to ensure they didn’t miss out this year, Billabong Ranch staff made a chocolate cake laced with shredded carrot and topped with cream.

“They certainly had a decent lick at the cake, but I’m not too sure they liked it too much,” Billabong Ranch owner Kerri Acquisto said.

“It was pretty much a normal day for the horses because the two-day navigation ride wasn’t on.

“Apart from the cake, there wasn’t too much difference in the routine — they underwent their normal rugging and feeding process.”

Kerri said it was important to continue showing love to the animals, especially during this difficult time.

“Our animals do a lot of terrific work and deserve to be rewarded,” she said.

“On Saturday, some did trail rides while others were at the Port of Echuca.

“But, like so many of us, there are some who are currently on a semi-holiday because of the pandemic.

“We’re thankful to everyone who has been supporting our business recently.”

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