PS Etona resurfaces after taking on water

By Riverine Herald

THE PS Etona is floating again after she took on water over the weekend.

After the Murray River water level dropped suddenly, the front of the Etona became snagged on a post, causing the rear to dip below the water line and the paddlesteamer to take on water.

“She was stuck and leaning on about a 20-degree angle with water across the sponson on the side,” PS Etona owner Rob Symons said.

Mr Symons said he pushed her clear of the river bank on Thursday and as the river dropped over the weekend she became snagged.

“I came back in Sunday and saw the pole under the stem had stopped the front falling with the river,” he said.

She was floating this afternoon using an air bag and with crews pumping water out. Mr Symons said no repairs were needed.