EMT challenges Echuca-Moama residents to take care of themselves

By Andrew Johnston

LEVEL three coronavirus restrictions hit Victoria on Thursday morning, August 6, and the border closure and advice from the NSW Premier has Moama isolated from the rest of the state.

While the restrictions leave all residents essentially in lockdown, Echuca Moama Tourism is urging us to take care of ourselves with its 14-day Self Care challenge.

The challenge urges residents to do one thing a day to look after themselves, and ranges from starting a new book to eating ice-cream straight out of the container, while also strongly suggesting you avoid playing the friendship-killing board game Monopoly.

EMT chief executive Kathryn Mackenzie said it was essential people found ways to keep their spirits up, as well as looking after others in their own homes during the lockdown.

“It's absolutely crucial that we all support one another and look after ourselves during this time,” she said.

“When we were devising it, we thought it was really important to do some positive stuff in our lives. Simple things like pulling an old favourite off the bookshelf or developing a new skill in the kitchen.

“It's something small you can do in your own life, but it's something you can also share with those around you and help them through their tough times.”

Ms Mackenzie said she hoped the whole community would be able to join EMT operators in the self-care program.

“We will be checking in with our operators about what they are trying in this time and sharing their experiences with the community.

“But we hope to see people across the whole community take part and share their experiences with us as well, and that the Echuca-Moama community keeps looking out for and after one another over the next few weeks and months as we hopefully get back towards normality.”