Sow the seed with Chia, your new furry friend

By Alex Gretgrix

GET yourself a healthy serving of Chia — and we're not talking about the seed.

This cutie is a two-year-old domestic short hair, with all her love to give.

She's living her best life, waiting for the day she can go home with a new family.

All Chia really needs is a comfortable couch, maybe a bed or two and a nice sunny window ledge where she can relax and sleep in — or all day, if you let her.

She loves her time in the spotlight, but if she must share you with another family pet, such as a dog, she thinks she can tolerate it.

But you will definitely get back the love you give, because Chia is ready to love you.

To meet Chia, visit or phone 5480 3005.

You will need to contact the shelter and make an appointment before visiting.

PER source number: BR101840.

Microchip number: 956000006562903.

Her adoption fee is $103