Maccas launches hiring frenzy

Join our team: Scott Moller, Cameron Hay and Helen Fitzgibbon are excited to meet prospective employees on McDonalds Hiring Day, Saturday, May 28. Photo by Steve Huntley

The iconic “golden arches” is launching a one-day hiring blitz in Victoria to connect with potential employees who may be looking for casual, part-time or full-time work as 5000 jobs are available at restaurants across the state.

From 9am to 6pm on Saturday, May 28, anyone eligible to work in Victoria can walk into any of the 260 restaurants across the state and secure a five-minute job interview.

In Echuca and Deniliquin potential employees can meet with a hiring manager instantly, without having to submit an application.

Candidates who attend the one-day hiring blitz will receive a complimentary drink at their interview and can enter a draw for company merchandise.

Echuca McDonald’s licensee Scott Moller started his career with McDonald’s as a crew person more than 20 years ago, before eventually becoming a licensee.

“Maccas is an exciting place to work that provides great skills and training, incredible career opportunities and a supportive and flexible culture,” Mr Moller said.

“We are passionate about providing our staff with on-the-job skills and learning experiences, as well as the opportunity to pursue externally recognised training courses while they’re working with us.”

As an example, staff members are offered the opportunity to achieve a nationally recognised certificate in retail while working at the restaurant.

McDonald’s general manager Helen Fitzgibbon said recruiters across a variety of industries looked favourably at resumes that contained work experience at McDonald’s.

“It is well known that working at McDonald’s opens doors to a multitude of sectors and industries,” Ms Fitzgibbon said.

“This is because we offer excellent training our staff learn customer service, food hygiene and restaurant operations plus a vast amount of teamwork is required in our restaurants — recruiters know that.”

McDonald’s operation supervisor Cameron Hay said: “During my years with Maccas, I have progressed from crew person to restaurant manager and had the opportunity to study a Certificate III in Retail, which has helped me pursue a career in management.”

In terms of work-life balance, Mr Hay said McDonald’s accommodated personal commitments, such as study, sport and family.

“Maccas provides employees with the flexibility to work the days and times that suit them,” he said.

Ms Fitzgibbon said they were looking for people from all walks of life.

“We are not looking to hire someone from a specific age group,” she said.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager or you are in your 60s — we are looking at candidates of all ages with different levels of life experience.”

Mr Moller agreed and said crew members varied significantly in age.

“Our restaurants are hiring people of all ages and work experience levels across a variety of crew, management, barista and maintenance roles,” he said.

“The residential growth in Echuca and Moama gives us the opportunity to promote internally and to grow our teams.

“Rather than focusing on age of a candidate, we look for recruits who actively want to learn and who can work well in a team setting.”

In terms of the social culture, McDonald’s holds several team-bonding events, raises funds for local charities and hosts company sponsored activities for staff each year.

“Maccas is not only a great place to develop important professional skills, but also make lifelong friendships,” Mr Hay said.

Mr Moller said: “We work in a happy environment, and we encourage staff to attend our team Maccas-hosted events. Whether you are looking for casual work or to embark on a career with Maccas we would love to meet you in the restaurant on Saturday, May 28.”

While the one-day hiring blitz encourages people to walk into Maccas for an interview on the spot, McDonald’s is hiring all year round.

You must be 15 years and over to be eligible to work at McDonald’s in Victoria. Anyone under the age of 18 will need to seek parent or guardian consent to be employed.

For more information about working at McDonald’s or to apply for a role, visit