Sixth day of search for missing Echuca girl

Search on: Missing girl Krystal Cain: Photo from Krystal Cain’s Go Fund Me page.

Floodwaters caused by ex-tropical Cyclone Seth on the Fraser Coast have left many stranded including 14-year-old Echuca girl Krystal Cain.

Queensland emergency services are still searching for Krystal after she was separated from her father, Lenny Cain, in the recent floods.

Police were called to reports of a man and his teenage daughter caught in what is believed to have been a Toyota Camry sedan near the Burnett Hwy in Booubyjan on Saturday morning.

The pair managed to flee the vehicle before it was swept away, however, ended up separated from one another in the traumatic ordeal.

Mr Cain clung to a tree and was rescued several hours later.

After the rescue, Mr Cain was transported to Bundaberg Hospital for treatment.

Witnesses Ken and Julie Thompson, who lived on a nearby farm, told ABC News they saw Mr Cain’s car lights approaching down the road around 1.30am on Saturday.

Ms Thompson said, “I saw the car lights drive into the water. Then there was no lights. There was only hazard lights.”

Later on she “heard a man screaming,” she said.

The Cains were on their way to Agnes Water visiting relatives when Mr Cain’s car was swept into floodwaters.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up for the family, which has so far raised more than $4600.

The Go Fund Me page, authored by Aundreau Cain, states “Krystal a bright soul with the world at her fingertips. Krystal is a loving daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece and friend.

“I have set this page up, on the families behalf to try and alleviate some of the burden on them at this difficult time. At this stage funding will go towards the search efforts for Krystal.

“Any donation you can make, small or large, would be of great assistance for the family as they wait for her return and recovery.”

Aundreau Cain, although devastated, still remains hopeful about Krystal’s condition.

“We hold hope that she is still alive somewhere.”

The Gympie region has had more than 650 millimetres of rain on Friday — about as much as Melbourne rain in a year.

According to the Queensland Police website, there is no further information to provide about the search for Krystal at this stage.