Please explain, Senator | Letters to the editor

By Riverine Herald

Val McWhae, Barham

JUST recently, Senator Perin Davey, from Deniliquin, gave her first speech in parliament.

I watched the speech and noted a quiver in her voice and what appeared to be a genuine commitment to the rural areas she represents.

She spoke about the need to support agriculture and get balance back into water policy. 

We sure need it.

Senator Davey said nice things about the rice industry and her commitment to providing what is needed to make our regions strong.

As she knows, water is the key ingredient to achieving this, especially in the Deniliquin region where she lives.

So wasn’t I surprised when a motion was submitted later that same week by One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts calling for the government to “immediately release 200 gigalitres for irrigation by general security licence holders to save the winter crop and save rural communities”.

Here was the first opportunity for Senator Davey to show support for the struggling farmers in her region who are at breaking point on a zero allocation.

And she voted against it!

I find it disappointing, almost heartbreaking, that Senator Davey, at this early point in her political career, would follow the party line and not support a move to provide her constituents with water in this current emergency.

I hope she is going to make a public statement explaining her position.