Schooled by COVID-19 | Crossroads

By Riverine Herald

COVID was such a disruptive force when it first infiltrated our world, but it was only two weeks ago I began to make plans for post-COVID.

I clearly got wooed into a false sense of security.

In those early days, my response to COVID-19 was quite positive.

It coincided with my holidays so I was stuck at home for two weeks.

This meant all those jobs I had been putting off finally got done and it felt good.

It didn’t take long for the serious reality of lockdown to sink in and for a new monotony and frustration to take over.

There were days when it really got to me and there was plenty of time to contemplate my grumpiness and general malaise.

There was no escaping the personal flaws that I discovered.

Then the we began to re-emerge.

Work was winding up again, minimal contact with others was gradually left behind.

I began to look forward to church, social and family gatherings.

Hope was returning.

Those big questions I had been asking and those personal flaws that needed attention could be put on the shelf because life was back - or at least within reach.

Like I said, what a false sense of security that turned out to be.

COVID is still here.

Borders are closing, parts of Victoria are in lockdown and the positive message of ‘we are all in this together’ seems to have been forgotten.

It took shouting from Indigenous voices for us to hear cultural issues that need our attention, but have we made plans for changes that we could make?

I am hearing more voices doubting the government’s decision-making.

The reports of the spike in domestic violence is deeply troubling.

These difficulties aren’t going to go away and neither are my own big questions and personal flaws.

COVID is schooling me and I thought I could get away without really sitting the test or considering hearing the feedback.

Jesus’ moral calls to love one another, love our neighbour and love even our enemy still appears to be needed by Australia, and it is definitely still needed by me.

COVID may be the classroom that won’t go away that made me realise I can’t hide from the call to love.

However, it is Jesus’ life, teaching, death on the cross and resurrection that confirm for me that he is the teacher who enables me to change.

Perhaps the next stage of COVID is for me to change some habits so that I can form more selfless and sacrificial love in my life.

If you are feeling the same way, going to church has never been easier as we are all doing it online.

Visit or search up a local church of your own choice and join us in learning from Jesus.

Tim Bowles, Moama Anglican Grammar