Isolation diaries part 10: baby steps

By Andrew Johnston

I WASN'T expecting the reaction I got to the isolation diary last week.

The news Tasmania was going to keep its borders closed until the later stages of the year had caught me off guard, so I sat down and just wrote what was in my head.

At that time, what was in my head was sadness at the situation.

What I wasn't expecting was how the story would catch a few people's attention, nor the feedback I would get.

While most people aren't in the exact some position as me, stuck across Bass Strait, it seemed as though a lot of people could really relate to the feeling of being isolated.

A lot of us have family in other states. With Victorians suffering the given the state of emergency, they too were counting down the days until they could see the people they loved.

There were also a fair few messages from people I know who had read the article checking in to make sure I was doing ok, which I appreciated.

It shows people are wanting to look out for one another.

In a weird way, it's kind of nice to know other people are hating this whole experience too.

You can easily get caught up in your own nonsense and feel like you're the only person on the planet who is suffering, like the world is closing in around you.

It's really not. Everyone is somewhat miserable, everyone is missing someone who they don't get to see, and that's really tough.

But at least you're not the only one out there feeling it.

And you're not going to have to suffer it alone.

People who you know incredibly well, people you know a little bit, or even someone you have had the occasional dealing with, they will be there to help.

That's the experience I am taking away from it all so far.

The other takeaway is that while we are all going through a shitty time, at least said time is working.

The numbers in both our states are going down at the moment. NSW has incredibly low, single digit figures.

As for us in Victoria, we are down under 200 now - on Monday when I wrote this we only just went over 100. Slightly more on Tuesday but still under 150.

At any rate, the numbers are still too high, and it's heartbreaking to see the number of deaths and the numbers still coming out of aged care.

Things are still tough, and they will be tough for a bit longer.

But they are far less tough now than they were even a week or so again.

Things are tracking in the right direction, and that impacts how we should all feel.

A week ago, I was hopeless.

This week, I'm hopeful.

And, to be honest, I'm happy to take that right now.


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