Finke: The foods you should and shouldn’t eat to stay fit

By Brayden May

WHEN it comes to staying fit, you need to make sure you’re eating the right foods to complement your exercise.

Fitmob Echuca’s Shannon Finke says you can let yourself down by choosing what you put on your plate.

“I always tell my clients 80 per cent of what you eat is the biggest contributing factor to losing weight,” he said.

“The foods I would recommend eating if you are trying to lose weight are low carb meals such as grilled chicken and fish, salads and steamed veggies.

“Then you need to be staying away foods with lots of sugar and soft drinks.

“You should also try to limit your alcohol intake.”

Carbohydrates can also be one of the biggest challenges when it comes to eating right.

But Shannon says it’s easy to strike the right balance.

“I would suggest eating carbs in the first half of the day and not the second,” he said.

“If you do choose to eat something like bread, avoid white and go for a multigrain option. It will be much more beneficial for you.”

And when it comes to shopping, Shannon says it is best to always look for the alternatives.

“It’s always best to leave an item on the shelf at the supermarket then having it in the pantry as a temptation,” he said.

“As one example, if you go to buy biscuits think of almonds as a potential substitute.”

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