Bamawm Rec Reserve auction makes far more than expected

By Daneka Hill

EVERYTHING from farm machinery to lounge room knick-knacks faced the auctioneer’s block at the Bamawm Recreation Reserve auction.

Held on the Labour Day public holiday in an attempt to fundraiser for Bamawm’s Recreation Reserve, the auction raised $6,200 for the entirely community-funded sports ground.

Reserve committee member Jo Holloway said the final total was far larger than expected.

“It is really good, we were happy to get it, we had expected to raise about four grand,” Jo said.

“A big thank you for those who came down, both the sellers and buyers.”

The reserve committee raised money by charging sellers a fee to display their items on their grounds, and taking commissions from big sales.

The most expensive item sold was a piece of farming equipment, a seed drill, which went for $4,850.

Jo said the event was not a local-only affair, with visitors from all around, including south of Bendigo.

Other items sold at the auction included motorbikes, camper trailers, chair and table sets, quad bikes, oil heaters, go-karts, lawn mowers, horse buggies, old utes, fishing rods, dog kennels and hay bales.

The reserve committee is planning to host another auction next year.