Shepparton saves wildlife

By Jamie Salter

Shepparton residents James Miller and Treezie Moynham have volunteered to gather donations at their homes for Animal Rescue Collective, to support wildlife caught in the bushfires in north-east Victoria.

ARC is a joint project of many rescue groups around Australia that are determined to help Victoria's ecosystem recover from the bushfire destruction, with the loss of a predicted one billion animals nationally.

Mr Miller has been volunteering for ARC for «« over one »» more than a week and said he had received generous donations from Pillow Talk and Pets Domain in Shepparton.

“In Shepparton, we have experienced amazing generosity from David Wislocki at Pets Domain on Benalla Rd, with himself and customers donating supplies that will greatly assist the recovery of wildlife,” he said.

Mr Miller and Mr Moynham are co-ordinating donations for the King Valley and Corryong region.

“It’s a great networking experience to find people that care, and we educate people on what their donations are going towards,” Mr Miller said.

“The level of wildlife loss is huge, the ecosystem is in a massive state of trauma and shock.”

Mr Miller said donations had been paused while a stocktake is completed and donations are distributed to areas in need, but will be welcomed in coming weeks.

ARC will be seeking monetary donations for wildlife food, as well as medical supplies, water tanks and hay.

Goulburn Valley Animal Rescue Craft Group in Shepparton organised by Kelly Rummery has also been making pouches and blankets for injured wildlife.

The group will organise craft events throughout January and deliver the products to drop-off points for animal rescue groups.

For more information, visit the ARC website: