A taste of the future

By David Rak

Three Seymour College year 12 students got some important exam preparation and a taste of life beyond formal schooling at Melbourne University recently.

Daniel Murray, Elanah Battistin and Benjamin Robinson were selected to attend the three-day Strengthening Engagement and Achievement in Maths and Science camp.

The students said the trip was jam-packed full of activities, revision and exploration of the campus.

“We all really enjoyed it. It was a lot of work, but it will be beneficial coming into exam time,” Daniel said.

“There was a lot of revision, some practical classes and some physical activities to break up the studying through the day.

“The camp also gave us the chance to network and meet students from outside our school.

“Spaces were limited, so we had a selection process where we applied to the principal. It was very competitive and we were all pleased to get in. 

“We’ve now got an idea of what to look forward to when we head to uni in the future.”

Daniel plans to study medicine at university, Elanah has her sights set on biomedicine and Benjamin will study advanced engineering.