Expense policy concerns

By Ashlea Witoslawski

Disappointingly described an as effort to make sure “councillors did not have their heads in the trough”, the expenses policy created strong discussion at Tuesday’s ordinary council meeting.

Cr Dennis Patterson grudgingly moved the motion to adopt the Councillor Expenses and Entitlements Policy.

“Believe me, there is no trough there to get your head into,” he said.

“It’s getting to the stage where you if have sauce on your sausage roll you gotta sign for it.”

Cr Patterson said he understood it was taxpayers' money at play, but believed a balance was needed.

Cr Seema Abdullah also spoke to the motion, highlighting professional development, dependent care expenses and parking permits.

“I believe this is a very important document not only for current councillors but also for those that aspire to be future councillors in the next term,” she said.

The policy was adopted by council, with Cr Fern Summer the only objection on the night.