Self-isolation diary: Day 13

By Shepparton News

When Pat Patt picked up her daughter Grace from Melbourne Airport on Thursday two weeks ago, she wasn’t just committing to a two-hour drive, but also 14 days of self-isolation.

Grace, who was on holidays in South America, was able to secure a flight home, but has spent the past two weeks self-isolating to ensure she does not have coronavirus.

Pat Patt reveals how she’s passing the hours.

I’m not a fan of these ridiculous lists that come round on Facebook saying if you were born in this month then you are this type of person, or this is going to happen to you, but sometimes I find myself reading them.

The latest batch, about what you will do while you are stuck at home, did warrant a glance.

The first one said that because I was born in April I would obsessively clean the house. I’m not sure how long I will have to be incarcerated before that happens.

The second one (on the same subject) said I would pass the time napping, which is much closer to the mark.

Grace found a similar list but based on horoscopes, and when she read through each member of the family’s horoscope they sounded quite accurate.

Every now and again I think there is some truth in horoscopes (but I don’t recall ever meeting that tall dark stranger or coming in to a lot of money) and it has me wondering what the stars predicted for this year.

At the moment we seem to be living in some dystopian science fiction novel.

Toolamba is always a pretty quiet place, apart from people working in their sheds or the young guys heading down the bush on their dirt-bikes, but the quiet seems to be at a new level these days.

There are magpies carolling joyfully in the big gum tree next door and our local family of blue wrens seems to be getting ever bolder.

We also have lots of red-browed finches around at the moment and a rowdy group of eastern rosellas drop by late in the day.

As winter approaches I look forward to hearing the currawongs calling in the forest.