Fishing couple spin a good business yarn

By John Lewis

Fishing mad couple Brad and Dani Armstrong are so keen on the sport they took the plunge last year and started their own lure-making business.

Originally designed to catch Murray cod and yellowbelly, their hand-made spinners have proved so popular they are even heading up north in search of Barramundi.

Through their home business Pirate Spinnerbaits, Brad and Dani produce hand-made lures using vibrating blades of different weights each emblazoned with their pirate logo, combined with colourful plastic threads and moulds.

Brad said his Pirate Spinners had been successful with bass as well as Murray cod and yellowbelly.

“A lot of people want specific colours which we can do. I've also had someone who wants to take up some north to target Barra,” Brad said.

He said he and Dani had a whole load of lures ready to go for the Go-Fish competition at Nagambie when Covid-19 hit earlier in the year.

They've since been busy producing more spinners and organising backyard casting competitions using hookless lures with their five kids as they wait for fishing to take off again when Covid restrictions ease.

More about Pirate Spinnerbaits at Facebook or Instagram.