Southern 80

It was right time to turn that frown upside down

By Riverine Herald

AT THE start of the day, it was Bad Temper on the water.

At the finish line, it was Bad Temper crossing first.

When the first set of results were released — you guessed it — Bad Temper had won the Super Social category.

Skier Jason Jones said his team were buoyed by perfect skiing conditions.

‘‘It was really good water, and we got through in one piece so I’m happy,’’ he said.

Bad Temper had a couple of poor splits early, but made up ground to claim the honours at the line.

‘‘We started off smoothly and worked our way up as the race went on.’’

Though Bad Temper had serious competition.

Starting the day as the sixth boat to leave the start line, ORSM racing were making serious ground.

But with the ground came the issue of overtaking other boats.

‘‘We were going all right, but it started to get a bit bumpy in the middle,’’ skier Blake Dingli said.

‘‘We knew we were going to have a few boats on the way, and that slowed us down a bit, but we put down a really good time in the end, so that’s what we take away from the event.’’