Southern 80

Jess just loves her junior stars

By Riverine Herald

JESS PEARSE loves that she is playing a role in shaping the future of the sport.

And she loves that when a boat needs a driver, she is a go to.

Pearse piloted 300 in two races on Sunday — the Open Women Expert, and Under 14 Girls Expert.

Her boat would finish fourth in the open category, but it was the first running of the Under 14 category that captivated Pearse.

‘‘This was one of the first times for one of my girls skiing the full 80,’’ she said.

‘‘They had a great run, but there were a lot of boats that had issues so we had nowhere to go.

‘‘We stopped for a while, but we got up and finished and that’s the key thing.

‘‘It was a lot of fun.’’

Pearse has had a number of starts in recent years with game changers behind her boat, having taken blind Skier Ben Pettingill through the race in 2018, and with her young girls in this year’s race.

And while it’s not her main goal in the sport, it’s something she gets a great deal of enjoyment out of.

‘‘It is really cool,’’ she said.

‘‘Obviously my passion is superclass, it’s what I work towards and what I probably get the most enjoyment out of, but I absolutely love driving the other races.

‘‘I love that I get to play a role in bringing up the future skiers. These skiers are the ones who are going to be racing in women’s in a few years time, so we have to make sure that they get the confidence they need in these years so that they are sticking with the sport.

‘‘They will go on to do great things in the sport in the next few years, and I love that I get to be a part of that.’’