Southern 80

Collard gets first local win of the Southern 80

By Andrew Johnston

YOU could not wipe the smile off Paul Collard's face after the Doindough driver claimed his first victory in his home race.

The second boat to depart Five Mile on Saturday, Collard drove to victory in the Unlimited Inboard Social category, finishing in 8.07:3.

The time was enough to beat out ORSM racing's 8.07:6 for first spot, as well as being the second fastest time of the morning session.

“I'm pretty happy to be honest,” he said.

“Maybe we could've pushed a little harder and tried to pick up the outright for the morning, but we weren't to know. We had smooth conditions a lot of the run, but we also had a few rollers and had to back off a few times.

“I thought we were on pace, but that's life.”

In the end, he was just happy to claim his category.

“A lot of luck in a run like that,” he said.

“We had great skiers who really hung on and gave it their all. It's good to get a local win on the board, I've been running this race for 15 years and have never finished in a position in any class, it really is a great start to the morning and to our weekend.”

But yesterday, Doindough was not as fortunate as the boat struggled to produce it's usual power.

Although there was still a silver lining according to Collard.

“It’s all about improving every time we get out on the water,” he said.

“We’re getting quicker than we have been in previous years so that is one of the biggest positives we can take away from the weekend.

“Considering the boat was down on power, I think we've done well.”