Sharp Echuca clips Jets’ wings

By Liam Nash

IN TRADITIONAL sports seasons, a well-balanced blend of passion and performance will get most sides well on the way towards a coveted premiership, with some instances suggesting desire can trump skill.

But it just so happened that Echuca had both during the Goulburn Murray Lawn Tennis Association GM2 grand final, as it bludgeoned the Mooroopna Jets in a 10-78 to 1-31 rout.

The Jets copped the full force of power from firm favourite Echuca, which had just one loss to its name all season, but few expected the affair to end up as one-sided as it did.

Edmund Bush, Ryan More and Chris Potter chose the right time to step up to the occasion as they provided Echuca with crucial wins in their respective singles rubbers to put the pressure on Mooroopna.

Cooper Marshall was the shining light for the Jets on the day, as he showed true fighting spirit to defeat Edward McGregor to give Mooroopna some hope.

However, the rest of the Jets contingent was simply outmatched as Echuca went from strength to strength in the doubles rubbers.

The dynamic duo of Potter and Chris Milne put on a sparkling display to dismantle Jye Crilly and Tayla Marshall 8-0, while More and Phil Higgins teamed up to sink Jets pair Kadeyn Pogue and Sophie Smith 8-1.

Echuca was simply too hot to handle as it completed the inevitable to hoist the flag high at Shepparton Lawn Tennis Club.

Echuca captain Potter was elated by how his side performed on the day.

‘‘It was a great way to end a good season, we played pretty well and it was what it was in the end,’’ Potter said.

Phil Higgins was in fine form and claimed the best in finals award, playing a pivotal role for Echuca.

‘‘Phil was amazing on the day as was young Edmund Bush, he is going to be a great player in the future,’’ Potter said.

Campaspe Tennis Association

Section 1

Grand Final: Rich River 1 (8-85) def. Echuca South 1 (5-74)

D. Short def. S. Coatsworth 6-1, T. Harley lt. Z. McGrath 4-6, D. Short & B. Angove lt. S. Coatsworth & K. Coatsworth 6-8, T. Harley & C. Egan def. Z. McGrath & B. Potter 8-6, D. Angove & T. Godfrey def. T. Godfrey & S. Brighton 8-7, K. bartlett & M. Peat def. C. Mundie & J. Poole 8-4, D. Angove & K. Bartlett def. T. Godfrey & C. Mundie 8-6, T. Godfrey & M. Peat def. S. Brighton & J. Poole 8-3, D. Short & T. Godfrey def. K. Coatsworth & T. Godfrey 8-3, T. Harley & D. Angove lt. Z. McGrath & J. Poole 4-8, B. Angove & M. Peat lt. B. Potter & S. Brighton 4-8, P. Godfrey & K. Bartlett lt. S. Coatsworth & C. Mundie 5-8.

Section 2

Grand Final: Elmore 1 (5-58) def. Rochester 3 (8-57)

R. Byrne lt. C. Murray 4-6, M. Byrne def. R. Else 6-1, R. Byrne & J. Tobin lt. C. Murray & D. Pain 6-7, M. Byrne & R. McCaskie def. R. Else & H. Heathcote-Holmberg 6-2, J. Holmberg & R. McCaskie lt. D. Pain & H. Heathcote-Holmberg 3-6, T. Pratt & J. McAdam def. K. Gebbie & V. Snelling 6-1, J. DeMaria & S. Johnson lt. H. Coghill & L. Ward 2-6, T. Pratt & R. Johnson def. K. Gebbie & H. Coghill 6-1, J. McAdam & S. Johnson lt. V. Snelling & A. Pain 1-6, R. Byrne & J. DeMaria lt. C. Murray & K. Gebbie 4-6, B. Niven & T. Pratt lt. R. Else & V. Snelling 4-6, M. Byrne & R. Johnson lt. D. Pain & A. Pain 4-6, J. Holmberg & J. McAdam def. H. Heathcote-Holmberg & L. Ward 6-3.

Junior A Grand Final

Echuca South 4 (5-37) def. LBU 4 (2-20)

Junior B Campaspe Grand Final

Echuca South 6 (6-36) def. Rochester 9 (0-19)

Junior B Murray Grand Final

Echuca Lawn 2 (4-29) def. Rochester 10 (2-23)

Junior C Grand Final

Echuca Lawn 5 (4-26) def. Echuca Lawn 3 (2-19)

Aggregate winners

Section 1

Men: Jordan Godfrey (South 2)

Ladies: Marg Peat (RR 1)

Section 2

Men: Rob Caldwell (South 3)

Ladies: Taylah Pratt (Elmore 1)

Junior A

Boys: Dermott Ritchie (South 4)

Girls: Teal Hocking (Rochester 5)

Junior B Campaspe

Boys: Patrick Kennedy (South 6)

Girls: Claudia Fitzsimmons (South 6)

Junior B Murray

Boys: Ryan Stobaus (Lawn 2)

Girls: Giselle Crawford (Rochester 10)

Junior C

Boys: Liam Beasley (Lawn 5)

Girls: Abbey Stobaus (Lawn 3)

Goulburn Murray Lawn TA

GM2 Open

Grand Final: Echuca (10-78) def. Mooroopna Jets (1-31)

E. Bush def. H. Crilly 6-2, R. More def. K. Pogue 6-5, C. Potter def. J. Crilly 6-4, E. McGregor lt. C. Marshall 4-6, E. Bush & P. Higgins def. H. Crilly & S. Smith 8-1, R. More & P. Higgins def. K. Pogue & S. Smith 8-1, C. Potter & C. Milnes def. J. Crilly & T. Marshall 8-0, E. McGregor & C. Milnes def. C. Marshall & T. Marshall 8-2, E. Bush & C. Potter def. H. Crilly & J. Crilly 8-6, R. More & E. McGregor def. K. Pogue & T. Marshall 8-2, P. Higgins & C. Milnes def. S. Smith & C. Marshall 8-2.

GM3 West

Grand Final: Rochester (10-88) def. Kyabram (4-69)

C. Gledhill def. J. Liversidge 6-3, J. Dingwall def. M. Cox 6-4, E. Ingram def. T. Sutton 6-3, S. Ingram lt. M. Porch 2-6, C. Gledhill & J. Ingram def. J. Liversidge & B. Cox 8-6, J. Dingwall & E. Taylor def. M. Cox & G. Tarrant 8-2, J. Ingram & S. Newton lt. B. Cox & G. Tarrant 1-8, E. Ingram & K. Lee def. T. Sutton & J. McConnell 8-5, S. Ingram & R. Major def. M. Hooper & L. Saywell 8-6, K. Lee & R. Major def. J. McConnell & L. Saywell 8-2, C. Gledhill & K. Lee def. J. Liversidge & M. Hooper 8-1, J. Dingwall & R. Major def. B. Cox & J. McConnell 8-7, E. Taylor & E. Ingram lt. G. Tarrant & M. Porch 4-8, S. Newton & K. Taylor lt. M. Cox & T. Sutton 7-8.