Taylor takes silver at Road Nationals

By Andrew Johnston

IT WAS déjà vu all over again - again - for Michael Taylor.

The Echuca Moama Cycling Club member and veteran of para cycling has left the 2020 Road Nationals in Ballarat with two silver medals in the road race and time trial for the H3 class.

It makes six silver medals in three years for the rider.

But it also continues an unfortunate pattern for Taylor.

For the third year in a row, he finished second in both the time trial and the road race to rival Alex Welsh.

And while they are mates, Taylor admits the frustration with the result exists.

“Its definitely there,” he said.

“I'm in a position where I'm a few inches taller and close to 20kg heavier than Alex is, so he has an advantage. The track doesn't always suit me, it takes away a bit of my power and gives me a challenge in terms of setting a new strategy to find ways to beat him.

“But I like the challenge. You want to come up against the best riders and try and find ways to beat them, so I always look forward to racing against Alex on the big stages and doing my best to get past him for the win.”

Though he would have liked to get a win over his rival, he was none the less proud of his performance in the two events, as well as second place in a further event, the UCI race on Thursday.

“I had some concerns with my preparation going in,” he said.

“A few injuries had made the event tough, and I didn't have the best preparation, so I had some concerns about whether I would be able to podium.

“I didn't have the best first day, but definitely performed a lot better on day two and was very happy with my performance in the road race.

“It wasn't easy, but I was happy with my results.”