Tennis Results | Rich River set to enjoy spoils

By Riverine Herald

RICH River 1 looks set to finish the home-and-away season on top in section one of Campaspe Tennis Association following another solid win on the weekend.

Rich River, the reigning CTA premier for the last four seasons, defeated Echuca South 2 eight sets to five on Saturday while second-placed Echuca Lawn 2 was way too good for Rochester 1 winning by 12 sets to one.

The top two look set to retain their respective places on the ladder after the final round of the home-and-away season this weekend.


Section 1

Rich River 1 (8-80) def. Echuca South 2 (5-63)

Darren Short lt. Philip Higgins (2-6), Hudson Jasper def. Oliver Poole (6-3), Darren Short/Brett Angove def. Philip Higgins/Riley Godfrey (8-7), Hudson Jasper/Matthew George def. Oliver Poole/Daryl Poole (8-4), Brett Angove/Matthew George lt. Riley Godfrey/Daryl Poole (1-8), Kelli Bartlett/Wendy Dwyer def. Phoebe Poole/Unknown (8-0), Margaret Peat/Sasha Almeida lt. Tanya Godfrey/Lucy Higgins (4-8), Kelli Bartlett/Margaret Peat def. Phoebe Poole/Tanya Godfrey (8-6), Wendy Dwyer/Sasha Almeida def. Unknown/Lucy Higgins (8-0), Darren Short/Sasha Almeida lt. Philip Higgins/Lucy Higgins (6-8), Hudson Jasper/Kelli Bartlett lt. Daryl Poole/Tanya Godfrey (5-8), Matthew George/Margaret Peat def. Riley Godfrey/Tanya Godfrey (8-5), Brett Angove/Margaret Peat def. Oliver Poole/Unknown (8-0).

Echuca Lawn 1 (9-81) def. Rochester 2 (4-62)

Ryan More def. Will Leahy (6-0), Marco Bok def. Andrew Emmerson (6-2), Ryan More/Daniel Mackrell def. Will Leahy/Greg Tiller (8-3), Marco Bok/Hugh Melville def. Andrew Emmerson/Leanne Gledhill (8-3), Daniel Mackrell/Hugh Melville def. Greg Tiller/Leanne Gledhill (8-1), Sarah Burn/Julie Harding lt. Leisa Evans/Louise Williams (6-8), Lauri Melville/Elaine Canning lt. Trudee Leahy/Alexandra Ingram (2-8), Sarah Burn/Lauri Melville def. Leisa Evans/Trudee Leahy (8-4), Julie Harding/Elaine Canning lt. Louise Williams/Alexandra Ingram (3-8), Ryan More/Julie Harding def. Will Leahy/Leisa Evans (8-6), Daniel Mackrell/Sarah Burn def. Andrew Emmerson/Trudee Leahy (8-7), Marco Bok/Elaine Canning lt. Greg Tiller/Alexandra Ingram (2-8), Hugh Melville/Lauri Melville def. Leanne Gledhill/Louise Williams (8-4).

Echuca Lawn 2 (12-96) def. Rochester 1 (1-33)

Brian Gledhill def. Troy Holmberg (6-3), Roger Kirchhofer def. Alex Parker (6-0), Brian Gledhill/Todd Charnas def. Troy Holmberg/Harvey Stones (8-4), Roger Kirchhofer/David Cox def. Alex Parker/Anthony Stones (8-0), Todd Charnas/David Cox def. Harvey Stones/Anthony Stones (8-0), Roxanne Dicketts/Jenny Townrow def. Mandy Dingwell/Christine Hooppell (8-4), Leanne Gledhill/Jana Pollock def. Jenny Crockett/Barbara McCarty (8-4), Robyn Mcclusky/Leanne Gledhill lt. Mandy Dingwell/Jenny Crockett (4-8), Jenny Townrow/Jana Pollock def. Christine Hooppell/Barbara McCarty (8-1), Brian Gledhill/Roxanne Dicketts def. Troy Holmberg/Mandy Dingwell (8-0), Todd Charnas/Leanne Gledhill def. Alex Parker/Christine Hooppell (8-3), David Cox/Robyn McClusky def. Harvey Stones/Jenny Crockett (8-4), Roger Kirchhofer/Jana Pollock def. Anthony Stones/Barbara McCarty (8-2).

Elmore 1 (2-68) lt. Echuca South 1 (11-98)

Ryan Byrne lt. Kia Coatsworth (4-6), Mitchell Byrne lt. Shane Coatsworth (2-6), Ryan Byrne/Bryce Niven lt. Kia Coatsworth/Ben Potter (3-8), Mitchell Byrne/Craig Skeers lt. Shane Coatsworth/Dylan Stapleton (5-8), Bryce Niven/Craig Skeers lt. Ben Potter/Dylan Stapleton (7-8), Taylah Pratt/Hannah Trewick def. Sarah Brighton/Marlene Stapleton (8-7), Rachel Johnson/Jessica DeMaria lt. Christie Mundie/Madeline O’Nial (3-8), Taylah Pratt/Rachel Johnson def. Sarah Brighton/Christie Mundie (8-7), Hannah Trewick/Jessica DeMaria lt. Marlene Stapleton/Madeline O’Nial (3-8), Craig Skeers/Taylah Pratt lt. Kia Coatsworth/Sarah Brighton (6-8), Mitchell Byrne/Rachel Johnson lt. Shane Coatsworth/Marlene Stapleton (7-8), Ryan Byrne/Jessica DeMaria lt. Ben Potter/Christie Mundie (7-8), Bryce Niven/Hannah Trewick lt. Dylan Stapleton/Madeline O’Nial (5-8).

Section 2

Rich River 2 (13-78) def. Colbinabbin 1 (0-0) by forfeit

Rochester 3 (10-75) def. Echuca South 3 (3-40)

Justin Coghill def. Nick Ritchie (6-0), Rob Else lt. Dermot Ritchie (4-6), Justin Coghill/Hamish Heathcote-Holmberg lt. Nick Ritchie/Baxter Anderson (5-7), Chris Murray/Darren Pain def. Dermot Ritchie/Robert Caldwell (6-4), Hamish Heathcote-Holmberg/Darren Pain def. Baxter Anderson/Archer Ritchie (6-3), Kirstie Gebbie/Vanessa Snelling def. Donna Glen/Julie Ritchie (6-1), Lillian Ward/Hayley Coghill def. Angela Durham/Lorraine Potter (6-1), Vanessa Snelling/Hayley Coghill def. Donna Glen/Angela Durham (6-1), Lillian Ward/Amber Pain def. Julie Ritchie/Lorraine Potter (6-2), Chris Murray/Kirstie Gebbie def. Dermot Ritchie/Donna Glen (6-3), Rob Else/Vanessa Snelling def. Nick Ritchie/Angela Durham (6-3), Darren Pain/Amber Pain def. Archer Ritchie/Lorraine Potter (6-2), Justin Coghill/Lillian Ward lt. Robert Caldwell/Teal Hocking (6-7).

Rochester 4 (2-41) lt. LBU 1 (11-75)

Brodie Fiedler def. Coby Cox (6-4), Jack Palmer lt. Blake Humbert (1-6), Brodie Fiedler/Rodney Fiedler def. Coby Cox/Clancy Gardiner (6-2), Jack Palmer/Riley Howard lt. Blake Humbert/Rohan Chugg (2-6), Kyle Dunne/Riley Howard lt. Clancy Gardiner/Rohan Chugg (5-7), Bridie Baker/Mel Warren lt. Meagan Brentnall/Michelle Stone (1-6), Ellie Moroney/Kate Campbell lt. Sarah Jones/Beth Howlett (6-7), Bridie Baker/Ellie Moroney lt. Meagan Brentnall/Sarah Jones (2-6), Mel Warren/Kate Campbell lt. Michelle Stone/Beth Howlett (2-6), Brodie Fiedler/Bridie Baker lt. Coby Cox/Meagan Brentnall (1-6), Kyle Dunne/Mel Warren lt. Blake Humbert/Sarah Jones (5-7), Riley Howard/Ellie Moroney lt. Clancy Gardiner/Beth Howlett (3-6), Jack Palmer/Kate Campbell lt. Rohan Chugg/Michelle Stone (1-6).

A Junior

Echuca South 4 (2-27) lt. Echuca South 5 (6-42)

Jaxson McMinn lt. Baxter Anderson (1-6), Patrick Kennedy lt. Zachary Coatsworth (5-6), Sam Hooppell def. Rudy Webb (6-1), Archie Peat def. Oliver Bray (6-5), Jaxson McMinn/Patrick Kennedy lt. Baxter Anderson/Zachary Coatsworth (1-6), Sam Hooppell/Archie Peat lt. Rudy Webb/Oliver Bray (1-6), Jaxson McMinn/Sam Hooppell lt. Baxter Anderson/Rudy Webb (2-6), Patrick Kennedy/Archie Peat lt. Zachary Coatsworth/Oliver Bray (5-6).

Rich River 3 (5-33) lt. Echuca Lawn 3 (3-34)

Ella Birtles lt. Ryan Stobaus (1-6), Ella Bowler def. Jackson Gronow (6-3), William Whitbourn def. Liam Gronow (6-3), Anthony Kent def. Annie Byrne (6-2), Ella Birtles/Ella Bowler lt. Ryan Stobaus/Jackson Gronow (0-6), William Whitbourn/Anthony Kent def. Liam Gronow/Annie Byrne (6-5), Ella Birtles/William Whitbourn lt. Ryan Stobaus/Liam Gronow (2-6), Ella Bowler/Anthony Kent def. Jackson Gronow/Annie Byrne (6-3).

Rochester 5 (5-31) def. LBU 2 (3-30)

Reed Hocking lt. Jacob Haines (0-6), Charlie Palmer def. Bowden Stone (6-5), Jayvier Horkings def. Chelsea Jones (6-3), Hunter Wileman def. Ali Howlett (6-1), Reed Hocking/Charlie Palmer lt. Jacob Haines/Bowden Stone (1-6), Jayvier Horkings/Hunter Wileman def. Chelsea Jones/Ali Howlett (6-1), Reed Hocking/Jayvier Horkings lt. Jacob Haines/Chelsea Jones (0-6), Charlie Palmer/Hunter Wileman def. Bowden Stone/Ali Howlett (6-2).

B Junior

Colbinabbin 2 (5-35) def. LBU 4 (1-11)

Jude Ryan/Charlie Peacock def. Amber Betts/Ruby Brentnall (6-0), Elijah Wallace/Jackson Morgan lt. Darcy Rankin/Cody Betts (5-6), Jude Ryan/Elijah Wallace def. Amber Betts/Darcy Rankin (6-3), Charlie Peacock/Jackson Morgan def. Ruby Brentnall/Brodie Humbert (6-1), Jude Ryan/Jackson Morgan def. Amber Betts/Brodie Humbert (6-1), Charlie Peacock/Elijah Wallace def. Ruby Brentnall/Cody Betts (6-0).

Echuca South 6 (4-28) def. Rich River 6 (2-19)

Mac Hooppell/Rose Byrne lt. Harry Barden/Jake Barden (3-6), Fred Peat/Zac Somerville def. Jye Berryman/Nash Berryman (6-3), Mac Hooppell/Fred Peat def. Harry Barden/Josh Barden (6-1), Rose Byrne/Zac Somerville lt. Jake Barden/Nash Berryman (1-6), Mac Hooppell/Zac Somerville def. Harry Barden/Nash Berryman (6-1), Rose Byrne/Fred Peat def. Jake Barden/Josh Barden (6-2).

Rochester 6 (3-27) drew Rich River 5 (3-27)

Ray Pearson/Zack Wileman def. Madeline Williams/Amy Parker (6-2), Isabella Hansen/Tara Atley lt. Emily Lake/Mia Aston (3-6), Ray Pearson/Olivia Hansen def. Madeline Williams/Emily Lake (6-4), Zack Wileman/Ruby Wileman def. Amy Parker/Mia Aston (6-3), Isabella Hansen/Ruby Wileman lt. Madeline Williams/Mia Aston (1-6), Tara Atley/Olivia Hansen lt. Amy Parker/Emily Lake (5-6).

Rich River 4 (2-24) lt. Echuca Lawn 5 (4-33)

Georgia Mahoney/Lila Mahoney def. Darcy Weeks/Ky Henson (6-5), Ebbeny Jettner/Emma Mitchell lt. Darcy Irwin/Jett Kervin (4-6), Georgia Mahoney/Ebbeny Jettner def. Darcy Weeks/Darcy Irwin (6-4), Lila Mahoney/Emma Mitchell lt. Ky Henson/Dhara Canham (1-6), Georgia Mahoney/Emma Mitchell lt. Darcy Weeks/Dhara Canham (2-6), Lila Mahoney/Ebbeny Jettner lt. Ky Henson/Jett Kervin (5-6).

Rochester 7 (0-14) lt. Echuca Lawn 6 (6-36)

Hugh Kerlin/Payton Tiller lt. Ben Henson/Archer Weeks (5-6), Dana Mussared/Ashton Walker lt. Jack Byrne/Xavier Carmichael (0-6), Hugh Kerlin/Jude Mussared lt. Ben Henson/Jack Byrne (3-6), Payton Tiller/Sadie Martin lt. Archer Weeks/Liam Beasley (0-6), Dana Mussared/Sadie Martin lt. Ben Henson/Liam Beasley (2-6), Ashton Walker/Jude Mussared lt. Archer Weeks/Xavier Carmichael (4-6).

Echuca Lawn 4 (1-16) lt. LBU 3 (5-32)

Abbey Stobaus/Maisy Byrne lt. Nicholas Mitchell/Tye Cox (2-6), Violet Thomas/Meg Alberni lt. James Brentnall/Charlie Byrne (0-6), Abbey Stobaus/Violet Thomas lt. Nicholas Mitchell/James Brentnall (1-6), Maisy Byrne/Meg Alberni lt. Tye Cox/Charlie Byrne (4-6), Abbey Stobaus/Meg Alberni lt. Nicholas Mitchell/Charlie Byrne (3-6), Maisy Byrne/Violet Thomas def. Tye Cox/James Brentnall (6-2).

C Junior

Colbinabbin 3 (0-10) lt. Elmore 4 (6-36)

Tom McFadzean/Henry McFadzean lt. Cody McKenzie/Rory Hayes (0-6), Audrey McFadzean/Abbey Ryan lt. Darcy McKenzie/Leo Hayes (0-6), Tom McFadzean/Audrey McFadzean lt. Cody McKenzie/Darcy McKenzie (2-6), Henry McFadzean/Abbey Ryan lt. Rory Hayes/Archie Frew (3-6), Tom McFadzean/Abbey Ryan lt. Cody McKenzie/Archie Frew (5-6), Henry McFadzean/Audrey McFadzean lt. Rory Hayes/Leo Hayes (0-6).

Echuca Lawn 7 (3-24) lt. LBU 5 (3-29)

Arley Canham/Will Hatfield def. River Sims/Colby Roberts (6-3), Levi Weeks/Ged Canham lt. Kasey Stone/Audrey Giorgianni (0-6), Arley Canham/Levi Weeks def. River Sims/Kasey Stone (6-4), Will Hatfield/Ged Canham lt. Colby Roberts/Audrey Giorgianni (3-6), Arley Canham/Ged Canham def. River Sims/Audrey Giorgianni (6-4), Will Hatfield/Levi Weeks lt. Colby Roberts/Kasey Stone (3-6).

LBU 6 (5-33) def. Rochester 8 (1-16)

Cooper Lees/Charlie Mcintyre def. Cadence Major/Evie Coghill (6-3), Olivia Squires/Harrison Lees def. Nate Mussared/Keeley Major (6-2), Cooper Lees/Olivia Squires def. Cadence Major/Nate Mussared (6-4), Charlie Mcintyre/Brooklyn Humbert lt. Evie Coghill/Keeley Major (3-6), Cooper Lees/Brooklyn Humbert def. Cadence Major/Keeley Major (6-0), Charlie Mcintyre/Harrison Lees def. Evie Coghill/Nate Mussared (6-1).

Echuca Lawn 8 (1-18) lt. Elmore 6 (5-32)

Eve Hatfield/Marli O’Brien lt. Letisha Mountjoy/Mitchell Skeers (2-6), Matisse Power/Amarli Cole lt. Reno Mountjoy/Ruby O’Sullivan (5-6), Eve Hatfield/Matisse Power lt. Letisha Mountjoy/Reno Mountjoy (2-6), Marli O’Brien/Amarli Cole lt. Mitchell Skeers/Ruby O’Sullivan (2-6), Eve Hatfield/Amarli Cole def. Letisha Mountjoy/Ruby O’Sullivan (6-2), Marli O’Brien/Matisse Power lt. Mitchell Skeers/Reno Mountjoy (1-6).

Elmore 5 (2-26) lt. Elmore 3 (4-27)

Remy Cowan/Madalyn Nihill def. Mitchell Warren/Morgan Boyack (6-2), Milly O’Shannessy/Leticia O’Shannessy lt. Amelia Hipwell/Madison Hipwell (3-6), Remy Cowan/Milly O’Shannessy def. Mitchell Warren/Madison Hipwell (6-1), Madalyn Nihill/Leticia O’Shannessy lt. Morgan Boyack/Axel Cail (3-6), Remy Cowan/Tarli Nihill lt. Mitchell Warren/Madison Hipwell (4-6), Madalyn Nihill/Milly O’Shannessy lt. Morgan Boyack/Amelia Hipwell (4-6).

Rich River 7 (6-36) def. Echuca Lawn 9 (0-14)

Ben Gilsenan/Mia Arthurson def. Jack Alberni/Ryan Berryman (6-5), Nate Spiers/Gus Arthurson def. Cooper Baker/Tom Alberni (6-1), Ben Gilsenan/Nate Spiers def. Jack Alberni/Cooper Baker (6-0), Mia Arthurson/Tom Arthurson def. Ryan Berryman/Tom Alberni (6-2), Ben Gilsenan/Tom Arthurson def. Jack Alberni/Tom Alberni (6-4), Mia Arthurson/Gus Arthurson def. Ryan Berryman/Cooper Baker (6-2).GMLTA


Numurkah Warriors 8-75 d Echuca/Rochester 2-41

M. Mills d C. Nexhip 8-6, N. Fenaughty d C. Gledhill 8-3, H. McCarthy d H. Crilly 8-0, E. Ryan lt P. Bush 4-8, L. Niglia d K. Lee 8-1, M. Mills-N. Fenaughty d C. Nexhip-C. Gledhill 8-6, M. Mills-H. McCarthy d C. Nexhip-H. Crilly 8-1, E. Ryan-L. Niglia d P. Bush-K. Lee 8-3, N. Fenaughty-E. Ryan d C. Gledhill-K. Lee 8-5, H. McCarthy-L. Niglia lt H. Crilly-P. Bush 7-8.

Shepparton Hornets 6-64 d Rich River Rebels 4-50

J. Curtis-McDonald d D. Tomkins 8-6, B. Ferguson d J. Bavich 8-6, M. Carroll d M. Rosendale 8-3, G. Andrew lt I. Crossman 4-8, H. Curtis-McDonald lt L. More 6-8, J. Curtis-McDonald-B. Ferguson d D. Tomkins-J. Bavich 8-1, J. Curtis-McDonald-M. Carroll d D. Tomkins-M. Rosendale 8-1, G. Andrew-H. Curtis-McDonald lt I. Crossman-L. More 2-8, B. Ferguson-G. Andrew lt J. Bavich-I. Crossman 4-8, M. Carroll-H. Curtis-McDonald d M. Rosendale-L. More 8-1.

GM3 Open

Mooroopna 3-41 lt Tongala 6-63

D. McIntyre-R. Brown lt L. Shenfield-M. Whitley 6-8, D. McIntyre-N. Davis lt L. Shenfield-G. Rayson 1-8, R. Brown-N. Davis d M. Whitley-G. Rayson 8-7, M. Tamburro-L. Turnbull d S. Shenfield-J. Risstrom 8-4, L. Turnbull-S. Brown d J. Risstrom-M. Fort 8-4, M. Tamburro-S. Brown lt S. Shenfield-M. Fort 1-8, D. McIntyre-M. Tamburro lt L. Shenfield-S. Shenfield 3-8, R. Brown-L. Turnbull lt M. Whitley-J. Risstrom 4-8, N. Davis-S. Brown lt G. Rayson-M. Fort 2-8.

GM3 West

Tatura Toranas 10-88 d Tongala 3-49

M. Nihill d M. McConnell 6-0, A. Clement d G. Tennant 6-3, M. Nihill-P. Kerrins d M. McConnell-I. Chaffey 8-4, A. Clement-G. Liddell d G. Tennant-D. Wayland 8-3, P. Kerrins-G. Liddell d I. Chaffey-D. Wayland 8-1, S. Clement-L. Ashcroft lt L. Johnstone-J. McGill 4-8, H. Thorley-J. Kerrins lt A. Nexhip-J. Reid 2-8, S. Clement-H. Thorley d L. Johnstone-A. Nexhip 8-2, L. Ashcroft-J. Kerrins lt J. McGill-J. Reid 6-8, A. Clement-S. Clement d G. Tennant-L. Johnstone 8-3, M. Nihill-D. Russell d J. McGill-I. Chaffey 8-2, P. Kerrins-L. Ascroft d J. Reid-D.Wayland 8-2, G. Liddell-H. Thorley d M. McConnell-A. Nexhip 8-5.

Rochester 6-81 lt Kyabram 7-81

J. Dingwall lt T. Goode 4-6, R. Holmberg d G. Brega 6-2, J. Dingwall-Z. Holmberg lt T. Goode-G. Tarrant 2-8, R. Holmberg-N. Hocking d B. Norton-J. Wearne 8-2, Z. Holmberg-N. Hocking lt G. Tarrant-J. Warne 3-8, R. Major-E. Ingram lt T. Sutton-J. Cox 5-8, M. Winchcomb-C. Emmerson lt M. Hooper-N. Dodos 7-8, R. Major-M. Winchcomb d T. Sutton-M. Hooper 8-4, E. Ingram-C. Emmerson lt J. Cox-N. Dodos 7-8, J. Dingwall-R. Major d G. Tarrant-M. Hooper 8-6, N. Hocking-E. Ingram d T. Goode-T. Sutton 8-6, R. Holmberg-M. Winchcomb d B. Norton-N. Dodos 8-7, Z. Holmberg-C. Emmerson lt J. Warne-J. Cox 7-8.

Tatura Monaros 8-86 d LBU 5-74

D. Smith d S. Brentnall 6-2, J. Cox d J. Haines 6-3, D. Smith-C. Morse d S. Brentnall-P. Condliffe 8-7, J. Cox-R. Thorley d S. Brentnall-P. Condliffe 8-7, C. Morse-R. Thorley d P. Condliffe-G. Humbert 8-4, K. Lowden-A. Ormsby lt N. Bacon-F. Bail 7-8, K. Morse-C. Weresczcuk lt F. Bail-M. Haines 1-8, K. Lowden-K. Morse lt N. Bacon-L. Toohey 4-8, A. Ormsby-C. Wereszczuk lt F. Bail-M. Haines 7-8, D. Smith-C. Wereszczuk lt S. Brentnall-L. Toohey 7-8, C. Morse-K. Lowden d P. Condliffe-N. Bacon 8-1, J. Cox-K. Morse d G. Humbert-F. Bail 8-6, R. Thorley-A. Ormsby d J. Haines-M. Haines 8-4.