Wickhams members experience success in Melbourne

By Brayden May

SOME of Wickhams Martial Arts competitors are proving themselves at a high level.

Earlier this month, five members from the Echuca-based club traveled to Melbourne to compete in a Victorian Amateur Mixed Martial Arts show.

And it proved to be a successful weekend as Jack Matthews, Matt Nilbett and Daniel Matthews all walked away as winners.

“We're always very proud when we see our team getting wins,” Matt Wickham said.

“Most of those who were competing have had between three and eight fights each so they are getting better each time.

“Competing in these events is only going to accelerate their development which has been really pleasing to watch.”

On the trip, fighters were accompanied by Kiw Eikkasit, who trains the group on a regular basis.

But Eikkasit's biggest focus was on his own professional bout at a Hardcore Promotions event.

“Unfortunately Kiw got beaten on points,” Matt said.

“But it was able for him to be able to go with the guys and be there as a support. It certainly would have given our guys a lot more confidence.”

Eikkasit will now turn his attention to his next fight in the coming weeks.