CTA grand finals to play on Saturday

By Andrew Johnston

RICH River 1 is one victory away from history.

The team enters Saturday's grand final looking to add their name to the premiership shield for the fifth year in a row.

Only their closest competition this season - Echuca Lawn 2 - stands in their way.

The Campaspe Tennis Association's grand finals will go ahead on Saturday, with the league to play out all five sections of the competition.

But it will be the section one clash which gains the most attention.

The two sides have both spent time on the top of the ladder, and have split the results this year in their two contests.

South won their opening contest against a different looking RR side, while the second match went to RR on forfeit.

RR1 captain Trina Godfrey said the side was ready to go about their business on Saturday.

“We're just preparing to do what we do,” she said.

“We've done this before, we know how we have to play, so whatever will be will be.”

Echuca Lawn 2 captain Todd Charnas said his side would love to claim a premiership.

“It would be fantastic,” he said.

“None of us have played in a premiership in a while.

“We are all getting a bit long in the tooth so this may be our last chance.

“We've prepared well. We think it will be a pretty close contest, hopefully we can play our best and get the win.”

Tennis across the valley - including Goulburn Murray Lawn in Shepparton - will continue despite the recent outbreak of the coronavirus.

Godfrey said tennis continuing as sports around them shut down was a fantastic opportunity.

“We're pretty lucky,” she said.

“It was an instruction at our discretion, so if we do everything right we will be ok.

“I think at times like this we actually need sport, so I feel pretty bad for everyone who is losing their sport, especially the ones played outdoors.”